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Caused dust bowl essay

caused dust bowl essay

(a type of plow commonly used by farmers in the 1900s) to the one way disk plow. Thus, the Dustbowl was the natural and human disaster which was provoked by human activities, namely wrong methods of farming. The wide row crops were very disastrous because between the crops, the land was kept bare; as a result, this area was exposed to the elements. Even though there were several periods of drought that occurred before the 1930s and the Dust Bowl, people were encouraged by the rains that always came soon after. As the matter of fact, the Dustbowl affected the vast territory of the Great Plains, which had never been used for farming before the settlement of Europeans. We can help you. Beginning in 1935, extensive efforts were made by both federal and state governments to develop adequate programs for soil conservation and for the rehabilitation of the dust bowl. The Dustbowl was a period of severe dust storms occurring in the American and Canadian prairies in (Vann Woodward, 1967). The dust bowl was a storm that affected the Canadian and American agricultural practices in the 1930s. Natural disasters, such as dust storms occurred regularly reaching the Eastern coast of the US, including such large cities as New York (Janke, 2002). The Dustbowl was definitely provoked by wrong and environmentally dangerous methods of farming.

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It affected everyone, farmers and consumers alike, in its path negatively. Whenever the winds blew, the swept large amounts of the top soil hence causing a cloud of dust which went to the extent of covering houses and animals. Poor land management is one of the two most important causes of the Dust Bowl. Next Essays Related to Dust Bowl, got a writing question? FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Causes of the Dust Bowl specifically for you. The black Sunday marked the day when the federal decided to take an action of stopping the dust storm because it had already caused harmful effects to the people who lived in those areas. As a result, continued ploughing of larges acres of land led to the weakening of the top layers of the soil making them both unproductive and prone to soil erosion. The Great Plains are a vast expanse of land located in a region east of the Rocky Mountains in North America. The Dust Bowl of the 1930s was caused by four major factors: drought, climate misconception, poor land management, and most importantly, wind erosion. These land uses led to soil exposure and great erosion. During the first world war, the agricultural prices became high hence forcing farmers to grow more crops for the military troops.

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